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How We Can Help You

Our 10 points for customer satisfaction:

6. Offer you options.

7. Design a system that is accurate and dependabale.

8. Provide you a means to realize your comfort needs via financing if needed

9. Adhere to the highest level of acredidation and standards as outlined by the professional HVAC industry, and our government

10. Continue to provide you with  service and support.

1. Educate you on the options and benefits commensurate with the level of understanding you wish to have about your choices.

2. Listen to your needs and desires and translate that in a way you can "see" yourself as it relates to heating, cooling and air systems

3. Continually keep on top of what technology and the application of what technology has to offer.

4. Review our training and expertise and regularly update it with the most recent knowledge and craftsmanship

5. Treat you like we would want to be treated

Technology and Knowledge

With constantly evolving technology and code requirements, navigating and making a decision on what is right for you can be challenging. By using our 27 years of applied expertise and customer service savvy in virtually every heating and cooling application and by using the most current software tools and equipment, all you need to ask is "how comfortable do I want to be?"

In addition to being a licensed heating, air conditioning and air systems installer we bring more than the average contractor to the table

Crystal Air is part of an elite few in our industry qualified to install Geothermal systems. Our background for which includes whole neighborhoods of Geothermal homes and commercial buildings with up to 100 tons of heating and cooling capacity.

Crystal Air also holds a California license for refrigeration services.

The bottom line is that we know and practice  well beyond the average  "heating guy" level of expertise

Reno McFadden - Owner / Commercial Systems Designer / Geo Loop Engineer

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Crystal Chase - Owner / Maintenance Scheduling / Accounts

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Todd Gabhart - Residential System Designer / Marketing

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Training and Accredidation

To stay on top takes diligence. Crystal Air technicians and designers regularly attend trainings on the most up to date techniques and certifications translating to you as "the best your hard earned money will employ" Our accredidations include:

Reputable Proffessionals

Crystal Air is a licensed California State Contractor for Heating, Ventilation and Air conditioning and refrigeration. State license #762833

We are insured for your peace of mind.

Our service and install technicians are  polite and understand that we have been invited into your home.


Crystal Air works with partners for financing and can provide upon request, information for obtaining unsecured "Same As Cash" interest free finincial tools for home improvements related to our field of expertise.

Take the Home Comfort Quiz:

Are you concerned about managing your monthly energy bills?

Does anyone have allergies or are you concerned about the quality of air in your home?

Do cooking, smoke and other odors seem to linger?

Have you noticed condensation on the windows or mold on closet walls?

Do you get "zapped" by static electric shocks in the cold winter months?

Do you notice rooms or area of the house that are too warm or drafty?

Do you notice that the temperature in your house gets chilly or warm before the furnace or air conditioner turns on?

Do you entertain often?

Have you noticed that the air from your vents only seems luke warm or cold in the winter and only moderately cool in the summer?

Does your heating or air conditioning system seem to run constantly?

Do you have to run the hot water tap for long periods in order to get hot water from it?

Do you expect to live in this house for more than a few years?

Is your current system more than twenty years old?

Are you using propane or fuel oil as an energy source?

Are you concerned about the enviroment and want to do something about it?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, Crystal Air has a solution for you.

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Crystal Air can be contacted by phone Monday-Friday from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM at

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